Location: Falmouth Harbour

I cant believe that we are almost half-way through with our trip. So far,summer at SeaMester has been anything but easy. But with challenges, comepleasure.

It has taken me awhile to adjust at SeaMester but I am so glad that I decided to come as I have learned so much: from sailing to learning how to cook fresh fish. Its also very rewarding after sailing such long hours to see what the next port has to hold.

Today we had another awesome experience. My fellow peers and me went to Stingray City, Antigua. At Stingray City we got to touch, feed and swim with stingrays! Too often, stingrays have bad stigmas as they are known to sting people. We were taught how not to aggravate the rays and everyone came back unharmed.

P.S. Wishing Candy’s Uncle Steve a big happy birthday!