Location: Roseau, Dominica

Although everyone is still sore from the hike, we went on two days ago, we were all very excited to start off the day early this morning. After breakfast, we were set to go into Dominica on a tour of fruit. We took two taxis and drove around different villages in search of different types of fruit. We came across so many different types that most of us have never had before. Every half mile or so, our driver would stop alongside the road to show us and let us taste fruit such as star fruit, passion fruit, coconut, sugar cane, lemongrass, breadfruit, bananas, coffee beans, and chocolate. It was pretty much a majority vote that the passion fruit was the favorite.

Along with the passion fruit, we also put sugar on top, which made it even better. What was also interesting was that we stopped in a small bakery where they made cassava bread, and if you wanted, you could also buy it. At the end of our search for fruit, we headed to the area where the local tribe is located. Alongside the road, there were little handmade shops where some of us picked up things such as handmade jewelry and decorations. As if this day hadn’t already been the best out of our trip so far already, we ended the day with a trip to the waterfalls. After hiking to the destination, we were able to swim through the falls, and nobody wanted to leave. The trick of it all was actually getting under the falls, but once you did, it was just too perfect. The water was a bit cold, but luckily we were able to warm up in hot springs that made it seem like you were in a full-on spa. I wish that I could put how unbelievable and life-changing this trip really is into words and pictures, and you can ask everyone else here as well, but it’s impossible. Although everything is a lot of effort and hard work, it is all totally worth the new friendships and knowledge that we all are gaining.