Location: Underway to Brazil

The day began at midnight for watch team 1 and me, with a beautiful starry sky. The moon decided to show itself a little later today, which meant that we were able to take “sparkle breaks” and watch the stars of the ocean trail behind the boat. It was another night filled with stories and music, courtesy of Emma, Gabe D, and myself since the speaker died. Elder Gabe conveniently decided to keep quiet about having a charged speaker, probably because he wanted to see if we could shipwreck some nearby sailors with our siren-like voices. Unfortunately, Beau (thank you for thinking of this blog’s title) was unable to take part in this revelry and was lying next to the cockpit like one of those shipwrecked sailors instead, but I think our songs healed them. At the same time, Max was making a lot of pizza dough and rice for today’s menu, with the help of Peter and Nat, surprising watch team 2, when they found them in the kitchen at 4 am. It was definitely worth it since there was nothing but happy smiles and greasy fingers all around at lunch, except for David, who confessed that he doesn’t like pizza just two days ago… After lunch, we had our first marine biology exam, which I think went very well for everyone, thanks to our wonderful teacher Ben and some watch team study sessions. Then we had emergency response training with Amanda C and Elder Gabe and rescued some dummies by performing CPR to the beat of “Call Me Maybe” (again, I really think that we should start a choir on board, led by Amanda C and Elder Gabe). Most people did some work or took a nap until it was time for dinner, which was another delicious meal (fried rice and chicken/tofu). We finished off the day sharing our happy places to the sound of the slight breeze in our sails (the motor turned off for some peace and quiet) and the sun slowly sinking into the calm sea.