Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

It is sad to say that we are now at our southernmost point of the trip, yet there is nowhere else I would rather be right now. The winds are fair. The weather is kind. The island beckons us. Today we got a glimpse of some of what Grenada has to offer. We went to visit the seven sisters. Contrary to popular belief, they are not seven witch doctors of Grenada, nor are they the fabled seven pirate wenches who sail the open seas. They are, in fact, a series of seven waterfalls, which we got to jump off of. It was nothing more than spectacular. In fact, it was so great I have decided to write a short poem about it……..

We followed the Rasta through the jungle, His machete gleaming in the air Down the trail we bravely went Towards the base of the falls we did go Soon we climbed barefoot. All Sticky mud Glop Glop Glop Until at last we saw the first Of the seven sisters Jump we must and jump we did Over the log one by one In the water we splashed below Onward bound a shallow hole But worry not Our backs and butts did break our fall Then we traveled down a chute With water rushing past, quite a hoot Next we dove unto a pool Then, at last, we stood up tall We now face the largest of them all For forty feet the water dropped Crashing Churning Spilling down So Forty feet we all did jump Even the Rasta, backflip and all His machete slicing through the air.