Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Alas, this morning was almost a disaster, for as we were eating a southern breakfast of grits and eggs, the skipper hat flew off my head and started to float away, but have no fear, for your brave skipper of the day wasted no time and jumped in after it. Disaster averted, mark one for the good guys. Following that adventure the day returned to normality. Shipmates had MTE class with Eric and Captain Kev and then went to brave the streets of St. Georges. Most of them just wondered around and took in the sights, visited museums and generally tried to stay out of trouble. Mid afternoon I met up with a handful of shipmates and we came back to the boat and started to work on the semester long project of building a ROV. We did some planning and started to get some motors ready for waterproofing. The night was capped off by brownies in celebration of Allison’s B-day and an oceanography class given by Jenny. Until next time this is your skipper KCD Cool Peace Bye