Location: Pulau Langkawi

There are two types of days on Seamester, sailing days and shore days. Sailing days are beautiful. We are out on the open ocean all on our own, Argo and the elements. Life is simpler on the sea. We are at peace there as we dance our dance upon the waves. The shore is a sight of accomplishment. We have made it from point A to point B. With every new port comes a sense of pride in another successful passage. A shore day is a day of adventure. New sights, strange customs, exotic foods, and endless possibilities await us ashore. A sense of giddy excitement takes over for each of us. Today is another shore day. What will we find, who knows? But I always look forward to finding out. New sailors will often count their days to when they will be onshore again. Old salts count their days until they are back out to sea. I am ready to dance upon the waves once again. I guess this sailor is becoming an old salt.