Location: Langkawi

Today was a day to brush up on our sailing skills. With the King’s Cup coming up soon, Kate and Simon gave us a brief but informative mini class on racing. They went through all the courses that we will most likely be sailing on, along with the race rules and how to start the race since you can’t just go right from the start line. The morning breeze picked up for us, and we were able to sail at a good speed. Two buoys were put in the water for markers to go around. We would jibe and tack around the markers. Everyone was given a task on deck to do. There was a foredeck crew, midship crew, and a crew on the main sheet. We really loved it because we haven’t been sailing too often due to the lack of wind. By the end of our maneuvers, all of us had a good idea of what a race might feel like. All in all, the day was a good one. It not only refreshed our memory about Argo, but we all laughed in the end.