Location: Langkawi

As we awoke today, we all came up on deck to a gloomy sight – gray clouds smothering the sun and a slight drizzle kissing our faces. This type of weather could only mean one thing, finals. Not just any final either, an MTE final. This test could spell the end for all hopeful professional skippers. The skippers in training would need an 80% to continue their PSCT education, a steep request for any human being. This test is not ordinary either; it is the SAT of sailing exams, roughly 3 hours of testing per person. When it was all over, we were both relieved that it was over and anxious for the results. Immediately following the exam, we had lunch, followed by a little shore time. Once back aboard, we were greeted with the news that our exams had been graded, but we had to wait until after dinner to hear the results. Those three hours of waiting were the most anxiety-filled hours of the whole trip. During dinner, Kate and Simon were pestered with requests for grade updates. They fought off long and hard, and eventually, we got through. After dinner, we got our results. Due to the confidential material, I cannot reveal any specific results. It’s all a very hush, hush, highly classified, read-only, on a need-to-know basis, situation. Simply informing you of its existence could put me at risk. On a lighter note, we celebrated the birthday of one of our staff members, Kirsty Nash, our Marine Biology teacher. We were treated to gluten-free upside-down cake, homemade of course, at dinner. I will not mention what age she turned for fear of my OCB grade dropping. Following all the events of the day, we were greeted joyfully as the return of our beloved OCE teacher, Chris, occurred as we were just finishing our preparation to set sail. We now move to Phuket, Thailand, where all-new adventures await us.