Location: Underway to Phuket

This morning at about 9 am we sailed over the border into Thailand, our final destination of the trip. Something we all try to do every time we enter a new country is learn how to say thank you in their language. With only three weeks left in the program, everyone scrambling to get papers done, studying for MTE and PSCT, working on our final OCE group projects, everything very hectic, and with everyone getting barely enough sleep. Arriving in Thailand was somewhat of a relief, knowing that we had reached our final destination. With the King’s Cup coming up fast, we are all getting very excited. Argo has raced once before in the King’s Cup in 2006. We all have been practicing our sailing as much as possible. We are a little out of touch with being in the doldrums for most of the trip. We only really sailed back to Australia at the beginning of the trip. All of the crew can’t wait until we cross that finish line.