Location: Machico, Madeira

Hey yall, and happy Halloween. We started out today with a no music wake-up and had the leftover cereal and granola for breakfast while discussing our leadership challenge course that we are doing later today. We got about an hour of rest before we started the challenge course while the PSCT Students did a mock exam. We were split into our regular watch teams and set off for the leadership race. It consisted of the amount of running equivalent to what felt like 10 Marathons back to back. Easily the most running Ive done since we crossed the border (Were legal now)!

We adventured across the town and found clues that led us to the challenge, as you can see in the artistic photos taken below. Then we got back to the boat, and everyone started to get costumes on to get in the spirit of Halloween – finally, a chance for the guys to let their true colors shine through and crossdress! Excitement was for sure in the air, and hopefully, they got to express themselves enough to hold them over til the end of the trip. We took many pictures with everyone, which was very entertaining and kinda scary to look at later on.

Captain Freddy dressed as a scarecrow and told me to make this blog longer, so here I am. Elle, the First mate, is also here. She’s taking off her lipstick from her ‘Thing #1’ and ‘Thing #2’ costume that she did with Shona. Dylan, over my right shoulder, is eating a potato…raw…and is currently giving me an A on my latest Marine Bio essay (hopefully). Brianne is cleaning the head, so now the chart house smells like bleach. It’s great. The furthest Garret and Leoni can get from me is about 112ft, so they’re somewhere around here. I just turned around to find the staff hanging up their mermaid pinata. They were having a party, and all got their round with the mermaid by the end of the fiesta 😉 Shout out watch team 3 for winning the challenge course (Bubba, Sam, Garret, James, Jamie, Grace, Kendra, Emma)

Hi, Mom and Sarah hope all is good miss ya’ll so much!

Art piece 1: Group photo
Art Piece 2: Sam crossing the human bridge challenge
Art Piece 3: Group lunch
Art Piece 4: Last ocean shower before the Caribbean
Art Piece 5: Watch Team 3 winners photo


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