Location: Saint Barth's

It was yet another beautiful morning waking up onboard Ocean Star. Some of the surrounding boats had begun to make way by 5 am, but we still had one more day to play in Saint Barths. After breakfast, we loaded up the dinghy, and within a few trips, we made our way to town. Today was a beach and surfing day, so crew member Emma rented a minivan to transport us all around town. We first went to the surf shop to rent our surfboards, and then we made the trek across the island to the beach! Once everyone arrived at the beach, we waxed the boards up, leashed up, and began to paddle out! The waves were decent, and we all got a few good rides in. Most of all, we had fun! When taking breaks from surfing, we ate some lunch, lazed around in the shade, and played some awesome games in the sand. It was a great day by the water, and the sights at the beach were gorgeous. Whenever we were ready to leave, we loaded up the boards to take back to the shop and made a few trips back to Ocean Star in the dinghies. Dinner was being prepped, and it smelled delicious! It was Mexican night onboard, so we had chicken, beans, and rice. YUM! Tomorrow we are sailing to Nevis, so passage prep is being done tonight. We will leave early to arrive there at a decent hour!