Location: Underway to Barbados

It’s been a day here on Argo as we make good time in Barbados.
The crew rejoiced with a communal movie night watching “Master and Commander” last night thanks to Captain Freddie, who pulled a “Freddie watch” to allow us to be together in the salon. Most enjoyed, some worked, and some got seasick.
After a brief and rare moment to relax, the watch team cycle began again.
With good wind overnight, not only did the flying jib get raised, but for the first time ever, we had the pleasure to raise the fisherman sail. Argo looked gorgeous with all six of her sails up, although it only lasted til about midday.
Captain Freddie was yet again head chef and made some amazing meals while Will nailed the bread rolls.
Academics started going full steam ahead with a double Marine Bio and Oceanography day. The crew has some looming deadlines ahead of them.
As we move closer and closer to the Caribbean, dolphin sightings are becoming a rather pleasant daily occurrence.
The crew is excited to make landfall in about 30 hours and begin the exploration of Barbados above and below the water.
Weather is slight, and some squalls surround us as we make a pace of 10 knots with four sails up and the engine on. heading is 335

Signing off, Skipper Max P

Pictured: a favorite poem that I read to everyone after squeeze tonight