Location: Offshore Cape Town, South Africa

Hi everybody,

Its skipper-of-the-day Patrick here with the happenings on Argo for day 9 of our voyage. This morning we shook off the grogginess from our first night on anchor watch (for all but the lucky eight who were off last night). In the morning, there was thick fog and some light rain, so we had breakfast downstairs in the saloon. Afterward, we were briefed on emergency procedures and then had some free time until lunch. As we still needed the new radar unit, we ended up having to wait for the fog to clear (so the dinghy could safely navigate into Cape Town and then back to Argo by sight). The fog remained through lunch and Seamanship class, before finally clearing at around 3:00 in the afternoon. Ben and Lindsay quickly hopped in the dinghy and motored off to pick up the radar, while the rest of us practiced raising the mainsail. We then brought the sail down before having wraps for dinner and Oceanography class in the evening. As I write, Ben and Dan are installing the new radar unit, and we should be good to get underway tomorrow morning.

From Argo with love,