Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today started slowly as people seemed a little slow to wake with our 7 am wake up; we are all still adjusting to our schedule. Its a little earlier than most of us wake up at home. After a quiet breakfast, we split into three groups to learn about charts, knots, and what to do during boat checks. Soon after this, we motored out of Savannah Bay and anchored at Mountain Point, still on the island of Virgin Gorda. Once we arrived and had a quick lunch, the people getting their Open Water Diver certification went on a quick dive allowing the rest of us to relax. After the Open Water divers finished up, the Rescue Divers had their turn at diving in, once again leaving those not diving a chance to relax and have a little free time to bond or study for our Oceanography and Seamanship courses. After the divers were done with their morning, us already Open Water certified guys had the chance to learn to drive one of our dinghies, and that made for some instant excitement. The crew all then went for a swim/shower in the ocean, and shortly after dinner was served. We wrapped up Open Water for today’s learning dive tables and dive planning even for the already certified divers. It’s good info to review. Overall, it was a slower day but a great day onboard the Ocean Star.