Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Life onboard Ocean Star today began just as usual (or as usual as any day can be when you live on a schooner) in Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda. The crew woke up at seven oclock sharp, moving sluggishly from the late night of dive planning and PADI open water class, but morale lifted significantly when we all came on deck to a delicious breakfast of pancakes, syrup and my personal favorite, Nutella, courtesy of our head chef for the day, Jenna. After clean up, the new divers completed their third and fourth open water dives, accompanied by a school of huge tarpon and even a lionfish. Around noon, the divers surfaced to begin studying for the open water exam, and the galley crew began preparing mac n cheese for lunch. When our plates were clear and our bellies full, the already certified divers headed out to explore the shipwreck Kodiac Queen, and its giant Kracken sculpture only a few hundred feet to starboard, and the remaining not-yet-certified divers attempted to cram in some last-minute preparations for the exam, then headed below to the salon to test our knowledge, emerging PADI certified Open Water Divers! After the advanced and rescue divers returned from their dives, we all spent a few hours relaxing in the (very hot) Caribbean sun, and taking ocean showers with our new friend Bertha the Barracuda. Ting swam some epic laps around the boat, and the crew mustered the phrase You can do AnyTing! to cheer on our swimming comrade. As I write this, the crew is relaxing on the deck with our bellies grumbling, excited to have our second Oceanography class after dinner, and our first all-day sail to Gorda Sound tomorrow. All in all, another beautiful (but exhausting) day aboard the Ocean Star.

Much love,

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