Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

Leon Bridges ‘Smooth Sailing’ deceitfully awoke the crew at 0700 for an entire day of examinations. Two-hour navigation exams with only four sets of instruments and charts, led to eight consecutive hours of focused plotting and uncanny silence. Although exams commenced at 0800 and will not foreseeably be complete until 2100, the study breaks are phenomenal. Captain Smudge rigged the mainsl’ boom off the starboard side, splitting the preventer and the mainsheet with a thick line dug out from the lazzerette for swinging off the caprail into the water. Bet it beat your shower today. Many flying backflips and a few face-plants later, noodle stir-fry filled the crew as we emptied ourselves of reminiscent stories of the voyage, and aspects of life onboard we will surely miss. The rapidly approaching program end hovers on our minds and spirits more eminently than fog sits over an underway ship. The Oceanography final is set for this evening followed by celebratory brownies cooked by our culinary inclined first mate Eric. Four more days to prepare ourselves for life on land. It certainly won’t only be our sea legs that are in for a shock.