Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

It began much as any other day here on Ocean Star. We awoke for a lovely breakfast prepared by Phil and Arielle promptly at 7:15. Following clean-up we enjoyed an MTE class on tides, currents and how to calculate them. Then we geared up for our first official Reef Check, to help the Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA) monitor the health of their local reefs. Our first location was near the reef we practiced at yesterday, and we all did our part to aid the SMMA. After eating hot dogs for lunch we went on yet another Reef Check, this time with Chantal helping us. In the new location the currents were very strong, but we all powered through it and recorded the data we needed. While we were checking the reef, Casey and Eric embarked on another sediment dive which proved to be the most successful thus far. For dinner we feasted on sloppy joe’s and mashed potatoes and ended our successful day watching the film “White Squall”.