Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Ocean Star woke up for an extra early morning today with plenty to do. We spent the entire morning hiking up Gros Piton, the bigger of the two pitons St. Lucia is recognized for. After all that diving yesterday and 4 hours of hiking today we’re just getting started; Ocean Star can take anything on, I’m convinced. I’m actually pretty surprised at all the energy we have left- go us! The hike was quite strenuous at times, but we all basically ran up the mountain, no problem. Chilling out at the top was cool- that unbelievable view is kind of amazing to see how high up we climbed. Katy P. and Charlie’s pancake lunch was totally worth any hike though. After lunch we made a quick hop up the Island to Marigot Bay where we’re mooring tonight. Visiting shore was a relaxing break, found some showers and ice cream! We’re totally wiped but overall it was a great day.