Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Today began with a brief sing-a-long wakeup to some 80’s power ballads, which was swiftly followed by a delicious breakfast of banana bread and grapefruit prepared by the unstoppable Casey and Devin. After Breakfast the shipmates all geared up to go diving, and soon left with Casey and Jenny to do a practice reef check dive for the SMMA. They returned just in time for lunch, having learned the best way to record data on the various species living on and about the reef. After lunch was a spectacular double dose of class, with Casey leading the charge with Oceanography, followed by a quick talk about tides for MTE. The shipmates spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, freediving, and working on papers. Kevin, Charlie, and Matt even found a boat boy to take them waterskiing for a few minutes! Chantal, a former Sea|Mester science teacher who is now conducting research on sedimentation on Caribbean reefs, also arrived this afternoon to talk to the shipmates about her project and the data we are collecting for her. Everyone is looking forward to going to another reef tomorrow to collect good data for the SMMA. -E