Location: Port of Soller

Today started out like any other day, except I had to wake up first…..meaning I had the easiest day being skipper. No one ever wants to wake the monster. We were efficiently dinghied to shore, where elbows were thrown, trying to secure 28 spots on a bus to Soller. Despite my efforts to practice my first position ballet and expand my elbows as far as they could reach, the bus door was slammed in our face as the bus was full. When realizing the next bus wasn’t for 4 hours, we quickly revamped the plan and set out on an indirect coastal hike to Soller. The hike was hot and long, but it felt nice to finally get a chance to move more than 112ft. Once arriving in the town of Soller, we split up in search of good food.

The streets were tall and narrow, and as you walked further away from the town center, the sounds of English-speaking voices dissipated, and soon, the Spanish flavor of Soller came out. After strolling the streets, I returned to the commotion and boarded the tram (streetcar) back to the port. This tram was packed full of tourists because it went the scenic way back to port. While on the tram, I was surrounded by Spanish, and the game of trying to decipher the conversation was extremely thrilling. Once returning to the port, we were quickly absorbed back into a routine on the boat, consisting of shower time and our daily jobs. Though today wasn’t like any other, dinner was topped with a delicious homemade cheesecake by Ben Diamond, the first mate. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we were given another night out! This allowed me the chance to get a sweet treat that was free of everything except goodness. All and all, it was a fantastic day in Mallorca, Spain!