Location: Port de Soller, Mallorca, Balleric Islands

Hi everyone! Skipper Veronica Mann here to tell you about our day in Mallorca. Waking up in beautiful Mallorca again was not a hard way to start the day. Everyone was in high spirits after a fun night out with the crew and was ready for our day in the city of Port de Soiler. Before we had our shore time, though, there was a rush to upload our first big Marine Biology essay to the USB drive, which was due by breakfast that morning. After a discussion-style marine bio class about our whale papers, we were free to leave the lovely Argo. I went with a couple of shipmates to explore the beach area of Mallorca, for we had been dreaming of laying out in the warm Spanish sand with all of the other vacationers since we saw the beach on the first day. Most of the shipmates went separate ways, some going to be productive and exercise, others finishing some schoolwork that was long overdue. For lunch, Trixi, Greg, Ava Leigh, Kristian, Townes, and I found arguably the best restaurant in Mallorca. Townes ordered a butterfish and sweet potato entree that the entire table was jealous of, a meal so good I am still thinking about it several hours later. After lunch was more beach time, most of us enjoying the time without a towel, for our only other towels were shower ones at the beach. Tired, well-fed, and a little sunburned, we made our way back to Argo. The afternoon winded down with us swimming off the boat. People have been having fun learning different flips, jumps, and dives into the ocean, and even more, fun laughing at the mistakes that usually end up as a red mark on someone’s back or stomach. I have to brag that I had a great ‘squeeze’ question before dinner- asking everyone about their most awkward middle school experience.