Location: Charlestown Bay, Canouan

A change of pace was appreciated by everybody on ocean star. Although many students were awake this morning from 12-2 am completing papers that were due at 7 am, there was finally time to rest and breathe throughout the day without having to worry about any upcoming deadlines. I was not the only person who found themselves caught up on sleep after class, in between delicious meals, and after dives. Some students discussed some of the more important questions in life, such as whether they would rather be stuck in a room with Calum or stuck on an island with an 82-year-old whaler. The dive today was also very exciting for reef lovers, as they noticed the excellent health and biodiversity of the Canouan reefs. Divers found a very large stingray, spotted moray eels, and lionfishes. The highlight has to have been an encounter with possibly the most adorable fish in the ocean, a baby smooth trunkfish. It looks like a miniature soccer ball, with two large eyes and tiny fins. I was very tempted to capture it, name it Zac Jr, and raise it on my own.