Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

The crew awoke to another windy morning in Canouan and was forced to strategically pack their bowls with breakfast in order to ensure that it didn’t blow away. After breakfast, we had shore time for a couple of hours, allowing us to explore the beauty of Canouan. This meant cafs, general exploring, and beaches. We were able to go swimming, play spike ball, get food, and, more importantly, ice cream, which, along with non-melted chocolate, seems to have become more valuable than gold. After everyone got back to the boat, there was a round of sea showers before we went down below for a class in Oceanography, while above deck, our fearless leader Steve moved the boat to the smaller island of Mayreau. When we emerged from the salon, we were treated with yet another beautiful anchorage and, this time, with less wind. Free time until dinner allowed for a relaxing afternoon filled with naps, binge-watching tv, and some fish ID’s. After dinner was a lesson in leadership where the crew was faced with the challenge of the human knot. Once solved, everyone went to bed in preparation for the jam-packed day that awaited us.

Picture 1- Julia walking along the beach
Picture 2- The view from a high point on the island
Picture 3- Exploring the island
Picture 4- Walking along the beach
Picture 5- Hanging out on the beach
Picture 6- Hanging out on the beach