Location: St. Lucia

Hello everyone, and welcome back to your daily Argo report.

There is much to discuss about today’s activities.

The first being Freddie and Amanda’s day off. The one day they had to escape the prison that is us is the day they decided to climb a mountain. I guess we’re more exhausting than hiking which I’ll take as a compliment. Freddie also managed to swindle his way out of his head chef day. He’s claiming his day off was “just a coincidence,” but I’m skeptical.

In other news, the crew had a lovely day ashore. This was truly the full Argo spa day.

First stop. The sulfur mud baths in St. Lucia’s dormant volcano. As you can imagine, it was muddy, but the crew was not scared of getting dirty. Not only did we enjoy the lovely exfoliating mud and volcanic spring, but we have a lovely tour of the volcano. The museum was quite a blast. Tim, Will, Emma, and I enjoyed racing up the 100-something steps. We are still unsure who won. Our racing was timed nicely because soon after, it was pouring, and the people who walked leisurely got a bit wet. I will say the smell of sulfur was less than pleasant but, unfortunately, inescapable. It even wafts down 1000 feet to our moored boat.

The next stop was a botanical garden which was, of course, lovely. In fact, there were some plants that also inhabited Hawaii. The crew used this time to walk around, hang out, buy some snacks, and lounge after the mud baths, Don’t worry. There were facilities to clean up after instead of walking around covered in dark grey clay. Our final stop was a lovely warm waterfall spring bath which was nice and relaxing. Afterward, St. Lucia was at our feet, and people explored the lovely town of Soufrire, which had bright, colorful buildings typical of the eastern Caribbean.

The rest of the day was spent with people trickling back to the boat to relax and cook. We enjoyed a lovely curry for dinner. The go-around question, which was “What is your most humbling moment on board” brought about many amusing answers. The crew is now about to begin studying for the rescue diver certification.

Skipper Max over and out