Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

An early wake-up accompanied by a quick breakfast would be the most time spent at sea level for our group today. After that, it was off to Mt. Pelee, where the verdant landscape and overhanging fog inside of the crater prompted dinosaur imitations from the group. Up and up, then lunch and up some more to the highest point (1488m) called La Chinois, or The Chinese. There we scrambled up wet rocks and dodged crevices masked with moss to the best view of the crater, but only when the clouds hanging around us cleared. Then we went low, very low to about 100ft below the water’s surface to complete the deep diver portion of our advanced certifications. We weren’t able to spend much more than 15 minutes at that depth because of how much our consumption of oxygen increased, but we did see a very large hawksbill having a snack. Traveling from the top of Mt. Pelee to the bottom of our anchorage, today was a day of extremes. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll focus on that middle portion a bit more.