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Location: Carriacou, Grenada

Well today started off some what nicely but at the same time not really. After an anchor watch a few of us swam to shore and went on a great hike at about 6 30. We met one of the locals, who guided us to a fresh water pond. When we finally returned I found out the hard way that I was the skipper and had no idea what our plans were for the day Not only that but two of our anchor watchers fell asleep, which created some tension on deck. After our Marine Biology class we headed out to Sandy Island where we finally were able to put behind us a some what stressful morning. Lucky for me Kirsty asked me to act out a scenario for the rescue divers where I had lost my buddy diver and needed Help! It all went some what fine till the very end where the two rescue divers in training had forgotten their weight belts, of course adding to the stress from this morning. Once that was over we all got to swim ashore to Sandy Island, which was about the length of a football field. Finally the day turned out to be quit relaxing. Oh yeah I also forgot Chris had a great day windsurfing and finally managed to get the hang of it. In the end it turned out to be a fun day in the hot sun. Tonight we anchored at Carriacou, which is part of Grenada, where we need to clear out of customs. But I must leave you because dinner is almost ready and I’m starving!