Location: Moliniere Bay, Grenada

It was all about exploration today, and a list of firsts for Seamester’s Caribbean program, visiting some brand new locations. We left Prickly Bay, Grenada, straight after breakfast and motored a short way up the west coast to Moliniere Bay, the site of an underwater sculpture park. During the trip, the shipmates learned about artificial reefs in a marine biology class and then dove at the sculpture park to see an example of an artificial reef firsthand. The artwork was eerie, appearing out of the gloom as a ring of figures, a still life placed upon a table, or a model man seated at a deskthe list goes on. We left the bay after lunch and headed on up the coast to Ronde Island, one of a number of small islands lying just north of the Grenadian mainland. The afternoon was spent snorkeling, hiking, and exploring these beautiful islands and reefs. The day was rounded off by an Oceanography class and scheduling meeting.