Location: Panama Canal/Panama City

Today started with a lot of excitement as we had to prepare the boat to exit the Panama Canal. After spending the morning in the Gatun Lake (where we also got to see a crocodile) to wait for the pilot that would help us with the several complicated maneuvers that are required to get through the canal, at around lunchtime, we started heading towards the Pedro Miguel locks, which is the first set of chambers of the southern portion on the way out of the canal. Today, the chamber was rapidly emptied of water to allow Argo to move downstream towards the Pacific, an elevation of over 20 meters that we ascended yesterday to reach the lake. Everyone felt extremely excited but very stressed at the same time. The maneuvers that we had to do were quite complicated, and they required everyone to be attentive and ready to take action. Every line is thrown, well-placed fender and set of hands and eyes were important for the safety of the crew and the vessel. After the Pedro Miguel locks, we went through the Miraflores locks, which act as the gateway to the Pacific. Thanks to our amazing teamwork we succeeded and made it through all of the locks and out of the canal! We were all proud and happy for this experience and especially excited to finally be in the Pacific!

We then ended the day with an amazing sunset that welcomed us into the next ocean on the voyage! It was an amazing experience that none of us will ever forget it!!

Pictured: Images of us going through the locks from Lake Gatun to the Pacific, Watch Team 3 looking great, Birthday cake.