Location: The Atlantic Ocean

Having been warned about the possibility of having to switch from sails to the engine as the wind dropped, Watch Team One was not expecting the wake-up call provided by the two squalls that blew in between 4:00 and 8:00 this morning. Thankfully, we disregarded Watch Team Three’s description of the conditions as “t-shirt weather” and had the chance to put our foulies to good use. Making it through the night unscathed, apart from a few shipmate/bunk collisions, today has turned into a gorgeous eleventh day underway to the Azores. Our classes were interrupted by an unexpected fire drill this afternoon, after which we took our VHF operator tests. Everyone is eagerly anticipating our arrival in the Azores, although the fact that that coincides with the due date for our OCE literature reviews is causing varying degrees of panic. Lunch today was a curried chicken salad with delicious bread rolls made by Alyssa. Dinner tonight was chili, including delicious cornbread and entertainment provided by the sighting of a ship off the starboard bow. The excitement this caused seems to be a sign that we have been away from civilization for too long, although it is the universal consensus that crossing the Atlantic is absolutely worth it.
P.S. From Argo to home, Happy Father’s Day!