Location: St Vincent

Today the crew woke up to pleasant music from Finding Nemo and Frank Sinatra…. anyone not up after those songs were quickly roused from their beds by the sounds of heavy metal. We enjoyed a tasty breakfast of carrot bread, which is basically a carrot cake without icing. We spent the next couple of hours learning about fish, learning about the different classes such as sharks and bony fish. Once class ended, we performed a quick passage prep and took our leave from Bequia. While getting the sails raised, we attempted to best our previous sail raising time and succeeded with flying colors. We brought our previous record of 40 minutes down to 14 minutes! We then enjoyed a tasty, albeit messy lunch of sun-chip nachos while underway. Once we arrived in St Vincent, we got settled and had a fair amount of free time to study and relax, quenching our thirsts for knowledge and napping. We have now moored off of a beach as well as a large rocky outcropping with the remains of an old colonial outpost at the top, which we will get to hike up tomorrow. St Vincent should prove to be an interesting place to spend our next couple of days.