Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Today we had a morning dive to see an old sunken ship, which was AWESOME easily my favorite dive so far. The Ship was a few hundred feet long and some feet high and has now become a new home for the sea life. Diving the shipwrecked, I saw tons of fish and coral living in and around the wreck. After the dive we had our exam review for our OCE class, to review we played a game of jeopardy and got into teams for a chance to win a giant bag of M&M’s to split between the winning team. Besides the diving and Jeopardy game, most of the day was spent studying for upcoming exams such as our VHF exam (an exam for how to use Marine radios in emergency situations ) for seamanship class and having an extra Boat Appreciation day to get the boat, and all of our personal items organized.