Location: Port Eilzebeth, Bequia

We started our morning off at the crack of dawn and made our way over windward so that we might volunteer at a turtle sanctuary. We cleaned the algae off the shells of the turtles and cleaned their holding tanks before the turtle sanctuary opened for tourists to come to look at the turtles up close. We were awarded time ashore from 10 am till 4 pm and got to eat some good local food and have that good local coffee that many of us had been missing. We also got to explore the town and many of the small shops and the street vendors that were selling trinkets made of whalebones and other cool stuff. The town is very small, and everything was about a ten-minute walk from one end of the town to the other. We went on the hunt for the best place to eat lobster from and found a place that had a nice view of the harbor and cool decorations made of sea glass. Then we got to watch a pretty sunset as dinner was being brought out, and we saw the green flash of the sunset gently dipping over the horizon.