Location: Bequia

Waking up this morning, the crew of Ocean Star was trying to mentally prepare for a FULL day of classes and diving. Knowing that we had a lot planned for the day, the crew quietly consumed a large pot of oatmeal and fruit. It has been several days since we have been diving, and we all (staff included) were starting to get the itch… the diving itch. Everyone was ecstatic to get back in the water and explore the underwater world. Directly after breakfast, we set up our dive kits in what could have been record time. We went on a navigation skill dive, which can be extremely tricky if you don’t trust your compass quite yet. When there is only the blue sea around to guide you, it’s very easy to get lost. After our dive, we had an oceanography quiz and got a little bit of help with our group project methodology. After class, we had lunch, and then we went back to the classroom for a seamanship class. We learned how to use the VHF and proper communication and got to set up dive gear again and hop back in the water for a buoyancy skill dive. After we all got over having to shed a few pounds off our beloved overweight belts, it was pretty cool. We did flips, took our fins off and walked on the bottom like it was the moon, and even got to stand on our heads underwater.

After dive number two, we had some free time where most of us chose to work on papers and assignments that were due in the upcoming days. For dinner, we crushed a pan of yummy enchiladas, rice, and beans and then jumped straight into a fish ID lecture where we learned about how to identify over 50 types of fish. During class, the lovely smell of baking brownies filled the room. As the class got closer to the end, we were getting more and more anxious about consuming the amazing smelling brownies. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different plan for the crew of Ocean Star. A brief squall decided to move through the anchorage unexpectedly. As we finished class, the sky opened up and gave the boat a nice cleaning. But, the wind and waves, however, we’re stronger than what we could hold at anchor forcing us to pick up anchor and hover around the bay until the system passed. We are now safely anchored once more but still waiting on the delicious brownies that are polluting the air with tantalizing sweetness.