Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Today started off with our standard wake-up time of seven o’clock. Once we’d dragged ourselves out of our bunks and slathered on our morning layer of sunscreen, we quickly made our way above deck, where a breakfast of apple raisin cake awaited us. Once we had devoured every last crumb, we prepared to shove off from Mayreau. Raising sails took a little longer than expected due to us being a bit rusty from our lazier days spent in the Tobago Cays, but before long, we had them up and our course set for Bequia. As we sailed along, half of us stayed on deck for the first watch while the rest went below deck for an underway study session until we switched at lunchtime. Once we arrived, we dropped anchor and then met up with Ian for our leadership class, after which we broke straight into a dive navigation class. With classes over for the day, we gathered up on deck once again for a dinner of shepherd’s pie and answered the nightly squeeze question. After quickly cleaning up, we threw on our nicest-looking outfits for our night out. With drinks and fries all around, we enjoyed a night of talking with family, catching up on social media, and just hanging out. By about 10:30, it was time to head back to the boat, and in no time, we had found our way back into our bunks for some much-needed rest before starting the next exciting day that awaited us aboard Ocean Star.