Location: Mayreau

Today was one of those days where you take a step back, look around and ask yourself, “Is this real life?” Granted, while living on a boat in the Caribbean, this tends to happen more often than not. I am consistently amazed at how beautiful this place is and how lucky we are to experience it first hand. The crew of Ocean Star began their day quickly getting underway to travel to Mayreau, a short 20-minute jump from their original anchor spot. We worked hard this morning, taking our first seamanship test- the International Crew Certification Exam. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Afterward, we ate lunch (Mac and Cheese and Hotdogs: whoop whoop) and had an Advanced Open Water class.

Our work was not unrewarded, though; we spent the afternoon playing Frisbee, napping, and chasing waves on the white beaches of Mayreau. The beach stretched wider than those we had visited before, making it a perfect Frisbee playing field, and the outskirts of it had palm trees with unripened coconuts scattered at their bases. Upon arrival, we even made a friend, a small black dog eager for head scratches. We named her Milo.

Apparently, beach Frisbee is a sandy endeavor, so after returning, we were swiftly prompted to take an ocean shower. Afterward, the crew had a bit of free time to study (or, if you’re like me, nap). Dinner topped off a great afternoon with baked ziti and garlic bread. Preparation for the class was brought to an abrupt halt when three spotted eagle rays were spotted (hehe) off the starboard side, feeding tonight post-dinner cleanup. Again, I ask, is this real life?

Oceanography class revolved around the ocean’s waves and tides, and now after a long but rewarding day, the sun-kissed and/or slightly sunburnt Ocean Star crew is ready for a movie and some rest.

I’ll leave you, readers, with this; it doesn’t always have to be a picturesque beach, a sunset, or a family of spotted eagle rays, but look out in your life for those little moments that make you, too ask, “Is this real life?”