Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

We woke up anchored in Savannah Bay for the second day. After a long night of anchor watches, the crew got up and began readying breakfast. After that, everyone was briefed for the day, which consisted mostly of SCUBA training. The Open Water students set up their gear for their second day of skills training, while those of the crew who were already certified geared up and went for a separate dive. After everyone’s respective dives, we all prepared for lunch, giving the crew a chance to all catch up. When lunch was finished, the dive students geared up again, while the rest of the crew had a lesson in Seamanship, in which we learned how to handle one of the tenders. Following that, the crew was all given some much-needed free time, giving everyone the chance to freshen up for dinner (shout out to Steph and Ethan), which was a quinoa and ratatouille bake. Before dinner, the crew was all walked through the ins-and-outs of the engine room and how to put out a fire on board, should the case ever occur. After dinner, there was a quick class on dive tables and planning. Then everyone settled down for our last night in Savannah Bay. Tomorrow, we’re off to Mountain Point!