Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Today was our last day in Martinique. Although the majority of all island activity was closed down due to how hard the French go on Halloween (or due to the fact that they celebrate All Saints day), the ever studious shipmates of Ocean Star had decided the previous night to stay here another day and get some classes out of the way to make more free time elsewhere. The day started out with some of the crew waking up early to experience a Catholic mass all in French. Then came our combined Oceanography and Marine Biology lab, where we caught plankton, looked at water samples under microscopes and measured the salinity and pH of the ocean at different depths. After lunch, we began Navigation and had free time until dinner. Some of us hung out on shore while others went on another dive. After we were full of pasta Bolognese, we had our two-hour Emergency First Response course, then went to bed. Thanks for reading and make sure to keep checking for more updates!