Location: Savannah Bay

Great first full day on the water. Started in West End, where we woke up bright and early by a fire alarm… the culprit was bacon. After breakfast sandwiches, which were skillfully cooked by Celia, Alex, and Phoebe, we split into groups and were shown our beautiful vessel, Argo. Our staff went through the policies and gave us detailed descriptions of various parts of the boat that we will frequently use in our crossing. After DIY wraps for lunch, we shuffled around some inflatable paddleboards and prepared for our departure to Savannah Bay.

Shocking News: sails are heavy, and lines are rough. Despite this, we learned the absolute basics and conquered those heavy sails by raising and lowering them to assist us in our short four-hour journey. There was something truly special about feeling this boat sail for the first time. Perhaps the most surprising part of the day was nobody tossed their cookies!

However, our day did not end when we dropped the anchor. Instead, we hopped right in the water and started swimming circles around Argo, 6 of them to be exact, to prove we didn’t need a 24/7 life jacket. Good news, everyone passed! We celebrated with our first saltwater showers and a Moroccan-themed chickpea dish. Winding down now and starting our PADI dive courses this evening. And our last shipmate Maria, arrived around 10 pm!

There is still so much to learn, but today served as a perfect foundation for the start of our Atlantic Adventure.