Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today we had a very busy and exciting day in Antigua! The morning was filled with dives with the open water divers becoming certified, followed by lunch onshore. Some people were lucky enough to find an open restaurant, but a few of us walked in the wrong direction for thirty minutes before turning back and eating at the cute little caf near the dock. Once we all returned to the boat, we got dressed up for dinner at Shirley’s Heights. We hiked up the 0.5-mile goat trail in our dresses and flip-flops before we were able to relax and cool off with a cold drink from the bar. While we were eating, we got the privilege of watching a beautiful sunset over the mountains and listening to a local band play their steel drums. After the sun had set, a new band came upon the stage, and everyone sang along and danced to the music. We were all very tired by the end and happily took a cab back to the boat as we excitedly reviewed the day’s events.