Location: Portsmouth Dominica

Today’s beginning was bittersweet- we had to bid adieu to a fellow crew member- Emily- as she began her trip home to her family. She will be missed. But with the beginning of the new day we were also off to a new location, as we made our way up the coast of Dominica toward Portsmouth. We made a couple stops along the way, in search of some elusive artificial reefs- in the end we had a fun snorkel and continued our journey northward. Upon arrival to the harbor we were greeted by a fleet of boat boys and our guide to our next activity, a trip up the Indian River. We loaded our boat with science gear and began our expedition upriver. The river area is protected and while we arrived by motor, we soon switched over to a more peaceful mode of transport- the oar. As we made our way up the river we stopped along the way to measure the temperature and salinity at various depths, in the hopes of making a profile of the changes the river goes through as it passes from sea inland. We were rewarded at the top of the river with some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and was we wandered back down river spied some iguanas lounging in the trees. Back on Ocean Star we had shower time and a Mexican Fiesta for dinner- complete with guacamole-Ole! Tonight the crew has an Oceanography mid-term to cap off a fantastic science-filled day!