Location: West Coast Morocco, Atlantic Ocean

So today was an excellent first day of our soon-to-be longest passage so far. Watch this morning was excellent, and waking up without the motor going is always a nice thing to rouse too. Other than that, today was a pretty standard day with most of us banging out our oceanography presentations (rambled on and on about jellyfish) with seamanship right after where we got to play with charts. Charting and starting to understand the fake Chesapeake Bay (no idea on how that spelling goes) was a difficult but pretty interesting challenge. In addition, last night, Garret got to introduce me to a sextant, and we practiced charting a couple of the planets on watch last night. Playing with the mirrors and putting Jupiter right on the horizon was really, really cool. We still have a couple more days left to go on our passage to Madeira, but the wind is currently in our favor and should be at least for the night to come. Also, as I’m writing this now, a dolphin just jumped out of the water right beside me, so that was pretty sick. Hopefully, the seasickness is warded off for another day, but for now, we’re heading strong.

1. beautiful sunset as always
2. Bubba – way too excited to pull the fire alarm today
3. many many entries on our logbook to Madeira


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