Location: 35 39.04'N 006 09.8'W

Today we bid goodbye to Gibraltar and embarked on what is set to be our longest passage yet! Getting off the dock was an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation, and as always, we were left in awe by Freddie’s boat handling skills. Once out in the harbor, we made our way through the maze of container ships. The wind has been strong all day which allowed us to raise 4/6 sails and finally get underway without the help of the motor. Thanks to our plethora of seasickness meds, nobody has gotten seasick, so fingers crossed that that continues.

After having fajitas for lunch, we cracked right into classes with marine bio and leadership. This evening we celebrated Liz’s birthday with two excellent cakes made by Zoe. For the squeeze, I asked the group what the most interesting thing in their pocket was and got a wide variety of entertaining answers. Arguably, the best of which was a simple middle finger from Joe which everyone got a kick out of. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we left the strait of Gibraltar behind us and headed out into the open ocean. Although we were sad to leave Gibraltar, there was also an air of nervous excitement towards getting out into the Atlantic and heading for Madeira.

Picture 1: The dishies hard at work
Picture 2: Bubba studying in the salon
Picture 3: Joe, when asked to contribute a worthwhile picture for the blog
Picture 4: Jack showing off his new jacket from Gibraltar