Location: Mertasari Beach, Bali

Well, well well, here we are again. For the third and (sadly) final time, Matty P reporting for skipper duty.
This morning was one of the earliest yet. A nice and early 5:30 wake up, but for a good reason. In fact, for the best reason possible, we were to go surfing … IN BALI. Somehow it just seemed right that we got to go surfing on my skipper day (in case you didn’t know; I like surfing), and so I fully made the most of it. Of course, I chose the Beach Boy’s finest (Surfin’ Safari, Surfin’ USA, Surfer Girl, and Surfin’) to blast for our early rise. Not everyone was quite as wired as me to go surfing at such an hour, but we all consumed some yogurt and granola (a classic) and headed over to the jetty for our rides. The car rides through Bali were … interesting, as always, with many strange sights and unique driving. We arrived at Legian beach, an extremely long and sandy typical Bali beach, and jumped in the water for a quick bodysurfing session before our surf lessons. Once everyone had arrived, we had a rather quick onshore demo before we all grabbed a foamie and headed out. The surf was around 4ft, and slight onshore winds made for some messy waves, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were some crazy rides, gnarly wipeouts, and smiles all around. In total, we surfed for nearly 3 hours (super tiring), and so back aboard Argo, we feasted on all our Thanksgiving leftovers (still didn’t finish them). After lunch and cleanup, we had a thought-provoking leadership class with the man, the myth, the legend, Tim. The class was followed by some downtime, which some took to relax, nap (good shout), or work. Dinner was some lovely Taco bowls (thanks to Margo and sous chefs).

All in all, a fandabitastic day, Matty P signing off.

1) 6 am on the jetty. A bit early for most, but I was stoked
2) The onshore lesson
3) The onshore lesson
4) The onshore lesson
5) The stoke had spread by 9 am (almost)
6) The crew all shredding
7) Some more shredding
8) Me and Baby Bron (our instructor) on a party wave
9) Me and Baby Bron both sprayin’ + mid-wave shaka