Location: St Barts

The second day in Saints Barts was most likely one of the best of the entire trip. First off, we started with a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs after a very nice night of sleep. The schedule for the day was surfing at a beach. After breakfast, we all hurried to get our swimsuits on and douse ourselves with sunscreen to then cram into a rental and make a quick drive across town to the beach. We had four surfboards, so we all shared and passed them around to each other and attempted to surf. There were only a few people who actually knew how to surf, and they generously gave tips and pointers to all of us. Of course, we all still had our fair share of falls before we got the hang of it. After 5 hours of swimming and falling and then more swimming, we headed back to Ocean Star extremely sore but with big smiles on all our faces. We then had a tasty meal of beans, meat, and rice, which was devoured in what seemed like seconds. After our bellies, were full we headed into the salon for a review for our marine biology exam and then to bed. 🙂