Location: St. Barths

…with Watch Team One at the helm until 2300. Watch Team Two would then take over the helm until 0200. Set to arrive around 0500, Watch Team Three would man the final 3-hour leg of our passage. The sail to St. Barths was downwind, which meant we had to jibe Ocean Star once or twice each watch in order to stay on course (for those of you unfamiliar with sailing lingo a jibe is when the stern of a boat is turned through the wind such that the sail switches sides and fills rapidly with wind). Sailing at night is rather peaceful, and it was nice catching up with our watch teams for a few hours.

We arrived right on schedule and dropped anchor around 0600, which meant one thing and one thing only: one more precious hour of sleep before the day begins. Breakfast consisted of fluffy golden-brown pancakes with your choice of Nutella or maple syrup and was shortly followed by two oceanography lectures and a seamanship class. We learned about fisheries and aquaculture in oceanography, and during seamanship, the crew was told that we would be planning the next three passages. Up until now, Eric has handled it, but we have covered the bulk of our NavMaster material and feel confident in planning our way back to Tortola. We had free time ashore for the entire afternoon. Most of us got caught up on assignments and got some more food. Those of us in the Emergency First Responder (EFR) class looked over our notes for the test after dinner. We went back to the boat late afternoon, ate dinner, took the EFR exam, then headed for our bunks to get a full night’s sleep.