Location: Durban, South Africa

The crew woke up to weather that permitted us to eat breakfast on deck, the first time in quite a while. This weather was perfect for the activity we had planned for today, go to Ushaka Water. After a short cab ride, we arrived at the water park, which also had another theme park attached. This one was more of a Sea World type park which turned out to have an aquarium, shows where animals performed, as well as many restaurants and shops. We were able to split up and enjoy the park at our own leisure in our groups. Some people started out going straight to the water park and going on all the rides multiple times. At the aquarium, we were able to apply our OCB knowledge and ID many of the fish there. This turned out to be a helpful and fun little study session for the fish ID quiz we were going to have the next day. The aquarium also had scheduled times throughout the day they would feed the animals. We were able to see the manta rays getting fed, which was an amazing experience. I think many of us were jealous of the diver that was in the tank doing the actual feeding of the animals. During one of the dolphin shows, Luis was used as a participant from the audience, which he was ecstatic about. As the afternoon winded down, we headed back to Argo, our floating home, to enjoy dinner, take our OCE quiz on physical oceanography, have an OCB class on the Open Ocean. We learned that there are fewer big animals in the open ocean due to fewer nutrients which is probably why we had had such few animal sightings until recently when we began sailing near the coast. After our daily scheduled activities were over, we rolled into anchor watch.