Location: Durban, South Africa

Today, as most days, began with a bit of an early start with a filling breakfast and a lightning fast cleanup that was dotted with the usual wise cracks of the early morning especially when there is a bit of rain. After breakfast we all pilled into a taxi which brought us to a shark information center, where we were taught all about the shark nets which blanket the beach region of South Africa. South Africa is known for its sharks so there is a very large effort to learn more about the sharks as well as protect the shoreline from their possible attacks. The most interesting part of the day was the chance to watch a large hammerhead shark being dissected. We got to see touch as well as smell the partially digested contents of the sharks stomach, the large sheet like intestines, as well as the very dense oily liver. After the very interesting shark dissection we went to the local mall which was very interesting to see the influence that American malls have on the rest of the world. All in all it was a great day filled with some of the usual as well as some interesting activities.