Location: Durban, South Africa

All hands on deck came early this morning, 0500. We arrived at Durban this morning with the sun. After spending more time then we had planned in Richards Bay, we finally found a weather opening and sailed through the night to Durban, which wasn’t a planned port, but we have to take the opportunity when the weather enables us to get another 85 miles under us. We spent the early morning cleaning our beautiful lady Argo, while the two local yacht clubs brought us gifts to see which one we would use. In the end we all got memberships to both of them, its nice to see the benefits of living on such a classy vessel at times. After the boat appreciation a few of us went to check out the yacht clubs, while others caught up on some sleep that was missed last night. It should be a nice few days in Durban while we wait for the next weather window. This will be my last log. See you guys soon, home in three weeks, it’s hard to believe.