Location: Underway to Durban

Although Richards Bay and all our adventures with the rhinos and elephants on the safari were awesome, I think we were all ready to leave Richards. Even preparing the boat to sail was exciting. We are in the stage of the bay trip, where we all feel very at home on Argo and on the ocean, and I think even to the unenthused sailor, the preparations for an ocean passage stir up emotions of happiness. It felt great to start rolling and stumbling through the saloon. About three miles out of Richards Bay Harbor, we were visited by some humpback whale: a momma and a baby. At first, they were just surfacing to breathe, but ten minutes later, they returned to show off. The momma shot out of the water vertically, extending her body at least 10 feet out of the water and then smacking her belly down upon the waves. The baby followed and shot out of the water 5 seconds later. What an incredible sight. A once in a lifetime encounter with some of the coolest travelers in the world.