Location: Statia

Hi!!! First things first, I want to start off this blog post by saying hi to Nick’s grandpa! We got to meet him on shore yesterday, and he said that he was a big fan of our blog posts. So, hi! Thank you for keeping up with our adventures. We loved meeting you!

Today was awesome. Last night, we had a big galley dance party during clean-up, so this morning, I woke everyone up by extending the super electric dance party. This morning, our head chef Deckie Mo Mo was very, very excited about his meal of banana sandwiches. These past few days, we’ve had a few bananas mysteriously go missing…it’s turned into a big banana fiasco. Deckie was very dedicated to his hunt for the banana thieves. However, he didn’t actually end up finding them, and thankfully we had enough bananas for our banana sandwiches! A great start to another amazing Ocean Star Day. I think he would like you to know that the proper way to make a banana sandwich is with Nutella (peanut butter is okay, too, because there are also Nutella thieves…which I know absolutely nothing about), a ton of bananas, and NO crust. Sticking to the chef theme…at lunch, Dessy has delegated the task of cutting the onions…so he decided to wear his onion-cutting mask, of course, as seen in image 4. Very resourceful.

After breakfast, we had nav master class with Captain Nick Nick Nick! As seen in image five, everyone was very thrilled and having the time of their lives. Charting is super cool, but it’s definitely hard to get the hang of at first. However, spirits improved, as shown in image 10, and I have full faith that we will all become nav master certified. Following class, Ray, Maris, Deckie, and I played a very intense game of euchre, during which both teams entered THE BARN! This is seen in images 1 and 6. I know you’re all rooting for Maris and me, also known as “The Midwest Monsters”. However, we took a sad defeat. Later though, we will be victorious in our next round. Mark my words. Next, we had a very riveting Oceanography class taught by the one and only Meggy Poo (pictured in image 15), and we learned lots of exciting things. After Oceanography! We had another class! We are learning how to be emergency first responders, so today, we practiced our CPR and choking skills. Ray, Jake, and Declan made pretty good friends with their mannequin, Francois. However, I think he still ended up dead. Sissy, Ari, and Kas were also unable to save Zac Efron. We clearly need more EFR training. Although do not despair, it is confirmed that we can all take off bloody gloves (actually covered in expired ketchup) (ew) without flicking them onto anyone! A success.

Following our packed day of learning, a few members of the crew began passage prep for our sail to Saba tomorrow while AJ, Lauren, Maris, and Dessy practiced diver-in-distress scenarios! AJ, Lauren, and Dessy are all working towards their rescue diver cert, and Maris is working towards her Dive Master cert! Lauren is shown practicing her panicked diver flail in image 13, and all the divers are in image 7!

Today was super awesome, thanks to everyone’s willingness to work and their good attitudes. We ended the day with extra gratitude at dinner and, of course, big group hugs. As always, thank you for following along on our crazy journey!

Love ya, Gin a Tronic <3